ING Creatives 2019

Voyager 2.0

Hosted by: Firas Abou Fakher

Inspired by the 1977 NASA project to represent humanity to the galaxy, this workshop attempts to construct the Arab version and what an Arab Voyager might include. Attendees will work in groups to produce an item, representing Arab culture, worthy of sharing that would help to overturn misrepresentations about Arab culture. Teams will combine writing, design, and model making as well as have lively group discussions about the past, present and future of Arab Culture.

5 key takeaways

  1. Cross-functional Design brainstorming.
  2. Opens up a conversation about the future of Arab representation.
  3. Hands-on model making.
  4. Reflect on the contributions Arabs have made to society.
  5. Get challenged by brainstorming and collaborating with creatives from around the world.
Day 2 - April 12 2019 | 9:00-12:00
$320.00 per person
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