ING Creatives 2019

Packaging Design for the Future

Hosted by: Anna Glansén

Rethink and recycle in this hands-on workshop led by Swedish Designer Anna Glansen. Start by exploring the processes, methodologies and tools necessary for creating impactful, sustainable and beautiful packaging. Then get handsy and give creating sustainable products, a spin. If you’re interested in products, packaging or pollution reducing ideas, this will be right up your alley!

5 key takeaways

  1. Learn to re-think packaging
  2. Discover new methodologies for package design
  3. Understand how science and creativity compliment each other
  4. Make beautiful designs that are sustainable
  5. Discover new materials that are changing the world
Day 2 - April 12 2019 | 15:30-18:30
$320.00 per person
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