ING Creatives 2019

Modular Arabic Design

Hosted by: Kristyan Sarkis

Get your modular Arabic Lettering on, in this hands-on, intimate workshop with Type Foundry legend, Kristyan Sarkis. Learn all about the modularity of Arabic letterforms while learning the basics. Create your own lettering piece, using geometric shapes, repetition and composition. Leave with a new understanding of Arabic type and skill that you’ll have forever!

5 key takeaways

  1. Introduction to the modularity of the Arabic script and letterforms.
  2. Learn the basic rules for modules.
  3. Learn how to make Arabic letter forms, abstract.
  4. Experiment and play with making new letterforms.
  5. Make your own, customized letter piece to take home.
Day 2 - April 12 2019 | 15:30-18:30
$320.00 per person
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