ING Creatives 2019

Future Wearable Technology with NASA

Hosted by: Lois Kim

Europa is a moon on Jupiter that is 4x smaller than the earth, yet has more water than all the Earth’s ocean’s combined! Where there is water, there is life, then perhaps humans can exist on Europa one day. Join NASA’s Lois Kim to design a spacesuit for future Europa explorers to wear. What technology will be needed and why? What will the suits be made out of? What type of boots would they need and what kind of habitat would they live in? Think you have what it takes to imagine like NASA? Join the workshop!

3 key takeaways

  1. Designing for humans, not robots
  2. Learn about technology by creating real or imagined technology.
  3. Adapt to new environments with the help of design.
8 December | 5:45pm - 9:00pm
$200.00 per person
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