ING Creatives 2019

Building with Biomimicry

Hosted by: Jun Kamei

This workshop takes inspiration from Nature and applies the hidden functions of living organisms to solve the different challenges that surround us. With millions of years to draw from, you can’t go wrong! Learn how to use biomimicry to solve some of the world’s leading issues (waste, clean water, urbanization etc.) with biomimicry designer and inventor, Jun Kamei. Brainstorm, ideate and create concepts using Biomimicry ideation methodologies. Quickly becoming the wave of the future of design, don’t get left behind on this up and coming practice that is taking the world by storm.

5 key takeaways

  1. Gain a better handle on what biomimicry is (if you don’t have it already.)
  2. Learn the methodology of biomimicry ideation.
  3. Work as a team to brainstorm plausible solutions to real world issues.
  4. Create physical prototypes or iterate ideas based on nature.
  5. Be on the forefront of this emerging technology.
Day 2 - April 12 2019 | 18:50-21:50
$0.00 per person
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