ING Creatives 2019

Advertising In The Digital Age

Hosted by: Daniela Vojta

Using only digital channels BBDO’s Daniela Vojta will walk you through digital marketing techniques to solve real-life challenges. Gone are the days when Print and TV were the only outlets for ideas, knowing how to best use available (and free!) tools will empower you and give you or your company more of an online presence.

4 key takeaways

  1. Learning to start with a strong idea or your executions won’t hold
  2. Know your audience, where they hang out and how they engage with content
  3. Get familiar with different channels, trends and influencers
  4. Don’t know which idea to pick? Test a few different ones (it’s free 😊) Think of how the message can be organically spread. Earned media and shared posts are better than paid
Day 3 - April 13 2019 | 9:00-12:00
$320.00 per person
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