Making with Design Thinking

Salman, Alex & Oliver

Making with Design Thinking

Salman, Alex & Oliver




4:00 PM - 9:00 PM GST | Wed, Nov 4, 2020

5 hours


About Speaker

Salman, Alex & Oliver



Salman Amir is a senior design director at IBM iX, the company's design and innovation wing. With a degree in engineering and passion for design, his focus includes user experience, innovation and visual design. With over a decade of digital space experience, Salman has led various award-winning projects in and prior to IBM. Creating user-centred digital products, his career spans across leading global brands, government initiatives, and successful startups. Salman has helped organizations in the healthcare, banking and telecommunications sectors to make a gradual move towards a more design-centric culture.

Alex Tattis | Alex’s objective is to ensure a high-quality end to end customer experience life cycle led by actionable end-user insights. Alex delivers digital projects and ensures that the business needs are aligned with the end-product. His focus is to make sure the client’s strategy is ambitious, quick to market and transforms the end user’s behavior and capabilities. With an industry focus in Healthcare and Government, Alex strives to create omni-channel experiences that meet the user expectations and create memorable moments.

Oliver Sear is a Lead Product Designer at IBM iX. With strong roots in front end code during the early years of his career, he moved into the design space fusing his knowledge of code with design, helping bridge the gap in teams he works with. With a very hands-on career across the whole product development process, Oliver assists clients to build strategy centered around a lean design culture empowering them to create innovative, feasible and user-centered solutions that meet their business needs and ambitions. He has worked in Global Markets across multiple industries and with state of the art technologies such as Ai & Blockchain, recently he led design on the first production blockchain network in Middle East and Africa. Oliver is also the iX Ambassador for MEA, this role has a strong focus on building and strengthening a healthy culture and shared knowledge across IBM globally.

About Online Workshop

Disruptive innovation occurs when we bring a new experience that is unlike anything before. Usually there is no existing ‘as-is’ to research. What should we as good human-centered designers and creatives do next? We make (or prototype) concepts of what the future could be. As we test those ideas with real people, we begin to understand their needs which then informs future making. This iterative approach is key to breakthrough ideas. 

Join Salman and his colleagues to learn by doing. We’ll learn how to prototype early and often. You’ll also get an opportunity to learn how to better test your ideas with real people. And use that input to shape new forms of human-centered experienced-based innovation. 

Key Takeaways

  • Develop empathy for real people with better research
  • Define user needs
  • Make prototypes to test ideas 
  • Develop deeper understanding through iteration
  • Learn to develop these skills by hands-on doing

How to Join

This session will be carried out using a Zoom video call.

Download Zoom for free on a desktop or mobile device. After you book, you’ll receive an email with a link and details on how to join.

What is provided

  • Recorded live session

What to prepare

  • Computer
  • Pen / sketch pen and A4 papers
  • Airdrop will be a great tool for Mac users
  • Sign Up for and invitation shall be sent to join the online workshop space.

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