Infuse Emotion in an Art Festival Identity

Olivier Charland

Infuse Emotion in an Art Festival Identity

Olivier Charland




6:00 PM - 9:00 PM Dubai Time | Mon, Jan 11

3 hours


About Speaker

Olivier Charland

Graphic Designer

Olivier is a Montréal based multi-disciplinary designer with a distinctive and catchy style. Spanning across different mediums, from graphic design, art direction, photography, set design to animation, his work still maintains a playful and sensitive aesthetic throughout his practice. Being an independent designer, Olivier worked in Montreal, NYC and San Francisco with some of the most prestigious studios and companies such as Apple, Sagmeister&Walsh, Pentagram, etc. He designed for clients like Apple, Dropbox, YMCA, Folio, WeWork, RedBull and many more.

Olivier started his career working full time for the creative duo Vallée Duhamel before going freelance and later was a co-editor & co-art director for Pica magazine and a founding member of the graphic design collective École de la Montagne Rouge.

About Online Workshop

This workshop will help you infuse emotion through an abstract identity for an art festival - a sculpture biennale. You will learn how to distill the brand attributes and form a concept. Moving forward you will apply this concept in an abstract set of visuals that speak about the art without showcasing it, but rather emotionally present it. To build the visuals, you will learn how to mix digital and analog images and build a strong art direction. Then, learn to use typography and layout design to bring all this together and make a compelling brand identity that can be applied to bring joy to the targeted audience.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how to make an abstract brand that is visually talking
  • Get tips on how to create visuals with simple everyday tools
  • Learn composition techniques to create still-life photos \ collages that work
  • Learn how to mix the visuals with typography and layout
  • Build a strong art direction and apply it on all touch points of an identity

How to Join

This session will be carried out using a Zoom video call.

Download Zoom for free on a desktop or mobile device. After you book, you’ll receive an email with a link and details on how to join.

What is provided

  • Recorded live session

What to prepare

  • Having scraps of A4 colored paper or cartons that you can easily tear with your hand, scissors, glue, markers, a smartphone camera and random objects you have in your household.

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