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Eisuke Tachikawa

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Eisuke Tachikawa is a design strategist and the creative director of the multidisciplinary studio NOSIGNER. Established in 2006, NOSINGER has worked with clients like Nike, Panasonic, The Cabinet of Japan Government, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Yokohama CityGood and and has been bestowed design awards worldwide, like Design Award Gold, Design for Asia Awards Grand, Pentawards Platinum to name a few.

Some of the studio’s most well known projects include TOKYO BOUSAI - the disaster preparation book published more than 8 million copies, and The MOON - the world's first 3D printed moon lamp which was 'copied' and had several million units sold. Tachikawa is also a promoter of  evolution thinking, a method that helps generate ideas and inventions by comparing innovation with the evolution of living things. He has been advocating for the use and importance of design in social contexts, and continuously collaborates with enterprises and administrations in various fields such as regional activities and scientific communication, to tackle various social issues and evolve society with design.

In the spirit of social design, Tachikawa will talk about what it means to strategically build a brand identity for a regional refresh. He will explore the connection between design and innovation by exploring the concept of evolution thinking, and how the evolution of living things can inspire innovative ideas that can be applied to design and branding.

About Recorded Talk

Tachikawa will reveal what it means to build an identity, sharing how to strategically brand projects such as companies, and for regional revitalization. He will delve into this through "Evolution Thinking"—a study he advocated, of the essence and connection between design and innovation—to understand how to produce innovative ideas, to why we apply this when branding.

In the following workshops, together with Eisuke Tachikawa, discover the core values when developing a brand strategy. He will share how he branded the world's largest disaster preparation plan, "TOKYO BOUSAI," as well as how he rebranded the identity of long-established tea brand company "YAMAMOTOYAMA," which drastically raised sales and popularity.

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Social Design and Evolution Thinking

Eisuke Tachikawa

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