Benefits of a Beginner’s Mind in Creative Process

Vera Drmanovski


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Vera Drmanovski

Paper Lettering Artist

The winner of the IWD 2020 Typography Competition, Vera Drmanovski is a Toronto based experimental lettering artist and graphic designer who uses paper medium to create vibrant and memorable designs with a natural perception of depth. A big believer in self-education and self-betterment through self-initiated projects, Vera is also a proud creator of two large passion projects ArtWord of the Week, and Totally Nuts Paper Cuts.

Her work is known for its intricate look, distinguished by extensive details, layers and vibrant colours. Vera masterly combines traditional graphic design with paper art, illustration and stop motion animation to create unique and eye-catching visuals.

About Recorded Talk

Cultivating a beginner’s mindset is essential for growing as a creative and figuring out what you’re cut out for. In her talk Vera will share her personal experience with taking full benefit from such a beginner’s mindset and speak of how it led her to paper lettering. She will also share her lessons learned and provide tips on how to solve a paradox of meeting expectations without being trapped by them. Vera will guide you on how to let go of being an expert, but use your expertise to figure out new creative solutions, come to new and fresh ideas, discover your own process and develop your style being self-taught.

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Benefits of a Beginner’s Mind in Creative Process

Vera Drmanovski

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