Wissam Shawkat

Arabic Calligrapher


Dubai | United Arab Emirates

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Wissam Shawkat is a master of Arabic calligraphy and a Graphic Designer. His degree in Civil Engineering, received from Basra University in 1996, complemented his artistic pursuits and offered him the skills necessary to excel at craftsmanship and design. At an early age, the written form and abstract shapes of letters fascinated him. His interest in calligraphy led him to discover this art form by observing and studying the great classic examples for masters of Arabic calligraphy. He developed his own style at the crossroads of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics. Working in a wide range of media, Wissam’s colorful abstractions are today the expressions of a unique voice that breaks boundaries and speaks to an international audience. Showcased across the world, Wissam’s work resonates with a wide range of audiences and testifies to the fact that calligraphy knows no boundaries.


Workshop Talk & Workshop | Arabic Calligraphy Al Wissam Style

In this workshop you will enjoy a combination of a theoretical talk and practical experience, providing an introduction to the newly developed modern style of Arabic Calligraphy Al Wissam. 

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