Thank you for your interest in JOINING the -ING Volunteer Team!


-ING is looking for volunteers to join our team on a casual basis. Volunteers will assist the -ING team with:

  • Social Media

  • Data-base upkeep

  • Collecting data and running creative events

Volunteers need to be available to work remotely for 8 hours per week. They may also be needed in running creative events throughout the year.


By joining the -ING team, you are gaining:

  • Valuable experience working with a creative start-up

  • You will be given a chance to develop your skills and build on your current CV

  • You will be part of a dedicated, passionate and driven team that puts on dynamic creative events around the city

  • You will be eligible to receive a personalised reference letter from the -ING founder upon request

  • Dedicated volunteers may also be considered for any full-time positions that open up in the future