Tammam Yamout

PenguinCube | General Manager


Beirut | Lebanon

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Bio | Tammam Yamout earned his bachelor of Graphic Design at the American University of Beirut in 2004. Since then he has been working at PenguinCube, a design consultancy which he co-founded that same year. Starting off as a team of two, Tammam has seen the company grow to a multidisciplinary team of up to twenty enterprising individuals putting together effort and dedication for it to expand and successfully complete projects in over 40 different cities.

About Penguin Cube | Founded in 2004, PenguinCube is run by a group of enterprising individuals, working together in a closely-knit team on challenges big and small. With offices in Dubai and Beirut, award-winning PenguinCube’s committed work methodology and adoption of a user centric approach brings innovation, impact, and positive energy to the table. The team thrives on challenges and stops at nothing for good ideas to see the light.


Workshop Talk & Workshop | Case in a Carton

In this Exclusive Talk and Workshop you will learn about various forms of packaging in different industries today and the life of a shipping box in the dark. From nested packaging to materials and structure, how does a piece go into a case, in a carton, on a pallet, in a container. You will build different types of 'boxes' youself and test them in an exciting team challenge. 

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