Richard Hol

NOMADS | Exec. Creative Director


Biography | Richard’s life in the creative industry has been rich and exciting. He’s worked in Amsterdam, Dubai, London and Singapore for a wide variety of brands, targeting markets around the world. He co-founded a boutique agency, helped establish a healthcare agency and was a Regional Creative Director at a network agency. He’s won awards for creativity and awards for effectiveness with work that has added value to the lives of people and to the results of organizations. If there's one thing he’s learned it's that today, more than ever, is full of possible, for people, for brands, for organizations. Here's to another first.

About Nomads | Nomads are curious creatures, wandering wonderers, explorers of worlds inside and outside their heads. And most of all, Nomads are creative innovators. We believe life can always, and forever, be improved upon - for everyone. That’s why we’re always creating things that help improve life, even if just a little bit. We redesign services and products and how people experience them. We re-imagine brands and how they express themselves. We are not an agency - we are Nomads.

Richard's Skills
• Richard loves to add fuel to the good that burns inside people. He is a creator of cultures where creativity thrives, fun flourishes and mutual respect comes naturally. 
• He's a big picture thinker who hasn't lost his passion for hands-on craftsmanship. 
• He's a creative with a strategic mind and a strategist with a lateral brain.

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