Workshop | Case in a Carton

By Tammam Yamout & Mia Azar | PenguinCube


Place | Alserkal Avenue, Dubai
Dates | 14 April 2017
Duration | 16:00 - 19:00

Skill Level | Any age and creative background welcome

Talk | What is a package?
• There are countless types of packaging from various forms in different industries (F&B, Luxury, Display, Mail, Special) to everyday packages vs industrial packages. 
• Take a look at box trends in packaging today, sustainability in packaging (new materials, recyclables), the increase of online shopping and thus even more boxes. 
• Regulation in packaging. The life of a box - from nested packaging of a bottle in a box, shrink rap, bigger box, carton, piece in a Case in a Carton on a Pallet in a Container. 
• Materials & Structures from constructing forms aimed at particular packaging solutions to functional & structural requirements, the box and it's inside components vary greatly and influence the types of corrugated cardboard and machines used. 

Workshop | Build the Box

After following the box from build to shipping to delivery attendees will build their own box.  
With a fixed budget you can only purchase a few raw materials (corrugated die-cuts? confetti? bubble wrap? sustainable material?) to create an Egg Box. Which materials work best? How should they be put together? What kind of packaging company are you?

Test your skills and your box
Level 1: throw it from a ladder
Level 2: stand on your box
Level 3: throw the box

The winning team gets a prize. 

Key Takeaways
• Packaging design is not only about graphics and branding, there is a lot more to it.
• Needs and uses of packaging are evolving.
• Packages go through a lot of stress.
• Just designing a package on your computer doesn’t mean the package is going to work, prototyping and testing is crucial in order to validate the structure.
• Sustainability, material, and cost factors will become ever more demanding.


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