Workshop | From Material to Concept

By Najla El Zein | Designer


Place | Alserkal Avenue, Dubai
Dates | 13 April 2017
Duration | 16:00 - 19:00

Level | Beginner - Intermediate

Description | How to look at materials in a different way, from concept to production. 
Based on Najla El Zein's existent works, she will accompany the attendees on a theoretical approach to materials, space and object followed by a hands on experimentation workshop. Najla will give an in-depth introduction of her inspirations to create, starting with the way she perceives materials and the story they often tell, to their final product and the way they are created. 

Key Takeaways
• Introduction to Najla's work process and inspirations. 
• Thinking concept and final product. 
• Understanding the importance of experience and taking part of all steps to create (inspiration, material, prototyping, final product). 


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