Beirut | Lebanon

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Influenced by her studies at Ecole Camondo and her years spent in Rotterdam and Paris, Najla El Zein returned to open her workspace in Beirut, a city that inspires her in a paradox of emotions, senses and memories which continuously trickle into her work process.

Najla seeks the challenge of taking a simple idea, object or material and converting it into a cosmic experience. Her creations are intimate experiments, reinterpreting conventional materials within atypical contexts.

Najla El Zein’s works have been featured in the Victoria and Albert museum, Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Singapore Art Fair, Boghossian Foundation, Smogallery, PAD Fairs, Design Days Dubai, Beirut art center, and the Starch Foundation.


Workshop | From Material to Concept

How to look at materials in a different way, from concept to production. 
Based on Najla El Zein's existent works, she will accompany the attendees on a theoretical approach to materials, space and object followed by a hands on experimentation workshop. Najla will give an in-depth introduction of her inspirations to create, starting with the way she perceives materials and the story they often tell, to their final product and the way they are created. 

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