Mia Azar

PenguinCube | Creative Director


Beirut | Lebanon

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Bio | Mia Azar completed her MA in Spatial & Product Design at Kingston University London in 2009 after obtaining her BFA in Graphic Design from the American University of Beirut. In 2010 she joined PenguinCube, an award-winning design consultancy, and has been part of the team ever since. In addition to her work at PenguinCube, Mia has been an instructor at the American University of Beirut, Architecture and Design department since 2013, and teaches various practical and visual design courses to undergraduate students.

About Penguin Cube | Founded in 2004, PenguinCube is run by a group of enterprising individuals, working together in a closely-knit team on challenges big and small. With offices in Dubai and Beirut, award-winning PenguinCube’s committed work methodology and adoption of a user centric approach brings innovation, impact, and positive energy to the table. The team thrives on challenges and stops at nothing for good ideas to see the light.


Workshop Talk & Workshop | Case in a Carton

In this Exclusive Talk and Workshop you will learn about various forms of packaging in different industries today and the life of a shipping box in the dark. From nested packaging to materials and structure, how does a piece go into a case, in a carton, on a pallet, in a container. You will build different types of 'boxes' youself and test them in an exciting team challenge. 

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