Workshop | Arabic Calligraphy for Designers

By Majid Alyousef | Arabic Calligrapher

Level | Beginner

Workshop Description | This workshop is an intensive 1-day lecture with hands-on training that aims to develop the basic skills of calligraphy and explore the usage of calligraphy in design context applications. 

Main Elements
• Major Styles of Islamic Calligraphy
• The Anatomy of Characters and Letters
• 2D Design Theory and Practice
• The Golden Ratio
• Designing Modern and New Styles
• The basics of Emblems and Logo Design
• Typographic Applications of Calligraphy
• Calligraphy as a Form of Abstract Art

Key Takeaways
• Introduction to Arabic Calligraphy History and Styles
• Basic practice on traditional Calligraphy (Alphabet, Scripting etc.)
• Learning principles of Design, the Golden Ratio, Composition
• Use of Arabic Letter Forms and Attributes to solve design problems
• Fast sketching techniques to explore Ideas

Majid Alyousef Biography | Majid Alyousef is a contemporary artist and Arabic typographer based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He has been practicing Arabic calligraphy for more than 25 years and acquired mastery in the challenging Thuluth script. His work can be identified by a unique marriage of intricate craftsmanship and experimental composition that frequently blurs lines between Islamic art and Abstraction, Cubism and the stylized Arabic alphabet. The Bauhaus School has significantly influenced Alyousef's practice, and it is possible to pick out the blocks of primary colours and rational architectural simplicity of the 19th century movement within both his works on paper and typography designs.