Karine Fakhry

FaR Architects | Architect & Founder


Beirut | Lebanon

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Karine Fakhry is a co-founding partner and principal architect at FaR Architects, a Beirut-based architecture and design practice. After working for several years in New York City, Karine decides to return to her hometown Beirut and open her own studio, joined by Diane Sawaya a few years later. 

Holding an M.Arch.I from the Rhode Island School of Design and a pre-medical biology degree from the American University of Beirut, Karine develops a passion for empirical architecture and its relationship with the individual. Her work focuses on a research-based contextual design approach allowing her and her team to explore all facets of architecture and other creative disciplines of design.


Workshop | Architecture and the Human Body

Investigating modern day changes within the housing environment and inspired by their recent project “Stay at Home”, based on a speculative future where all of one’s possessions are shared, Karine and Diane will work with you to understand your surroundings and sense of place, your sense of the domestic.

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