Creative Call

Win a trip to Dubai's -ING Creative Festival 2017


The Reward | If you're the lucky winner you will receive: 

Flight to and from Dubai | Valued $1000 USD (or) an upgrade to Influencer Ticket to our Creative Festival 2017 | Valued $1676 USD
3 night stay at a 5 star Hotel during the period of the festival | Valued $900 USD
An Exhibition Space in our Creative Market to show and sell your work and meet other creative minds | Valued $3000 USD
Half Page Spread in the Creative Festival Guidebook | Valued $650USD
-ING website Artist page | Valued $1600USD
3 Social Media Posts / Valued $600USD

Note: Ticket to the festival is not included, giving you freedom to select your ticket

How do you participate in 3 steps? 

Deadline | 15th January 2017

The circle is a universal symbol which we've closely adopted throughout our 2017 Creative Festival campaign. A symbol that represents unity and our bringing together of all creative disciplines under one event, as well as a representation of continuation and the succession of our 3rd annual festival.  

Step 1 | We invite you to show us what the circle means to you
• Download the three templates by clicking here
• Look at the images above and our website to get an idea of our Art Direction. 
• Select one of the 3 templates. You have full artistic freedom to be creative with the template. The contest is open to any medium, whether it be illustration, photography, motion graphics, animation, vector graphics, etc.

Step 2 | Submit your final work here.
Please name the file with first and last name (Example: NAMESURNAME.JPG) and upload only JPEG, PNG, MP4, GIF or AVI. Size limit 50MB. 

Step 3 | Share your work on Instagram and tag us in the description @ingcreatives hashtag #ING17art in order to be eligible to win.


What are you waiting for? Get inspired and be as creative as you can be!