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Workshop | Get your App Together

By Hector Ouilhet, Mike Buzzard and Russell Matsuo | Google

Place | Alserkal Avenue, Dubai
Dates | 14th April 2017
Duration | 19:10 - 22:10

Level | Beginner | Design Literate

About | In this workshop you’ll understand about creating an app prototype with simple everyday tools. Whilst focussing on your users needs and expectations you’ll learn all about gathering real user feedback before you even think to write one line of code.

5 Things You’ll Take Home
1. First hand experience on how things are made at Google
2. Understand an app design model
3. Design with more ability
4. Understand user and technology needs
5. Learn to use the Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop

Workshop Preparations
• Install the iPhone or Android App POP on your Phone
• Bring your sketchbook and a few different colored pens


190 USD

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325 USD

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