Diane Sawaya

FaR Architects | Architect & Founder


Beirut | Lebanon

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Diane Sawaya and Karine Fakhry are founding partners and principal architects at FaR Architects, a Beirut-based architecture and design practice. Diane is an architect D.P.L.G from the Université Paris-Villemin.

Their work focuses on design research, the quality of living spaces and a comprehensive understanding of urban context. THeir team's skills and collaborations embrace architecture, interior architecture, landscape interventions, exhibition installations, product and interaction design. 
Since its foundation in 2005, FaR Architects has successfully completed projects in Lebanon, the Middle East, London and New York. 

Karine and Diane put the individual at the core of their interest and thought process. What will he feel? What will he see? Where will he go? They don't believe it's in their hands to provide immutable answers as much as an intention to create intrinsic and intricate yet unusual relationships between the environment and the user. 
They question form, use and content. They derive alternative forms, usages and contents that could thread through time, interchange and evolve. There is no architectural philosophy; merely the construction of a new narrative every time. 


Workshop | Architecture and the Human Body

Investigating modern day changes within the housing environment and inspired by their recent project “Stay at Home”, based on a speculative future where all of one’s possessions are shared, Karine and Diane will work with you to understand your surroundings and sense of place, your sense of the domestic.

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