Workshop | Cloud Chamber

By Dan Goods | NASA


Place | Alserkal Avenue, Dubai
Dates | 15 April 2017
Duration | 16:00 - 19:00

Level | Beginner, no previous knowledge needed.

Description | A cloud chamber is like a magic box that lets you see invisible particles that have traveled to earth from exploded stars. At this moment, millions of particles are flying through you, but they are invisible to your eyes. Participants will learn a bit about the solar system, ideas on how it formed, and why these particles are out there. Then they will get to make their own cloud chamber and peak into the invisible world all around us.

Key Takeaways
• Learn about things that are invisible to our eyes
• Learn about the history of the solar system
• Find out why stars die
• Get to make your cloud chamber
• See particles that have come from exploded stars


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