Workshop | Creating Physical Experiences about the Awe of the Natural World

By Dan Goods | NASA


Place | Alserkal Avenue, Dubai
Dates | 15 April 2017
Duration | 16:00 - 19:00

Level | Beginner, no previous knowledge needed

Description | Dan Goods will share with you his ongoing fascination with nature. Together with Dan you will create a cloud chamber, which lets you see invisible particles that have traveled to earth from exploded stars. At this moment, millions of particles are flying through you, but they are invisible to your eyes. Inspired by Dan’s thoughts on nature you will then develop a concept for a physical installation and use paper and card to create a small scale physical prototype. 

Video | Get a preview of invisible particles here
You are seeing a fog that builds in the could chamber. The hair-like streaks that you see in the fog are the result of particles that have come from exploded stars. Much like the wake of a boat in water, you don’t see the particle, you just see the wake that it leaves behind. 

Key Takeaways
• Understand how Dan's way of thinking inspires his work at NASA
• Discover invisible particles around you by creating a cloud chamber
• Create a concept for an installation
• Build a prototype of your installation


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