Creative Call | Terms & Conditions

Please read through these T&C's carefully. 

If you are still in doubt please take a look at our Competition Q&A's or contact | +971 4 513 5698


T&C's Submission

• By submitting your work to the -ING Creative Competition, you agree to all of the terms and conditions outlined below.

• Competition closes February 13 2017 at 12pm, GST. Any submissions received outside of that time frame will be disqualified from winning.  
• All entries will be judged by -ING Creatives' committee and one winner will be selected. Judges decisions are final. 
• Artists must be 18 years of age or older to compete. 
• No purchase or payment of any kind is necessary to enter or win.
• Under no conditions will -ING Creatives issue a cash monetary prize to the Winner. 

• Participants can submit up to 5 entries to the competition. Multiple entries could include entries in multiple mediums or multiple entries in one medium. Submitting multiple entries will not increase your chances of winning, but it will give our judges a wider variety of entries to choose from.
• Submissions may only reach up to 50MB per competitor and may only have the formats MP4, AVI, JPEG, JPG or GIF. 
• Artists may not submit any copyrighted works, unless they own the rights. Any entry that uses copyrighted works not belonging to the artist will be disqualified. This also includes any sound-tracks, backgrounds of video content. 
• Please avoid politics or profanity in your work. 
• -ING Creatives retains the right to publish the work of the winning artist on the -ING social media channels, website, and in any other marketing or promotional materials leading up to the Festival. The winning artist will be credited in all uses. 


T&C's Winner Responsibilities

• If the Winner chooses the Flight as a Reward, the Flight is Economy only and will only be paid to a maximum value of $1500USD. In this case the ticket to the -ING Creative Festival 2017 is not -ING's responsibility. 
• If the Winner chooses the VIP Ticket as a Reward, the Flight to Dubai becomes his/her own responsibility. 
• Winner is responsible for transportation costs within Dubai (to and from airport, transportation to and from the Festival venue, and any other costs). 
• Winner is responsible for any additional hotel costs including additional nights stay, damages etc. 
• Winner is responsible for all other costs incurred in Dubai, including but not limited to: visa or entry fees into UAE, food and beverage, entertainment, and shopping.
• If the Winner misses his/her flight or cannot attend the Creative Festival 2017, -ING is not responsible for a refund or any other compensation.