Creative Call | Questions & Answers

Please read through these Q&A's carefully. 

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-ING Creative Festival 2017

13th - 15th April 2017


The Reward

When will the winner be announced?
The winner will be announced on or around 15.02.2017
What happens if I already bought a ticket but want a VIP Ticket instead of a Flight? 
Don't worry, if you are the lucky winner you will get full refund for your conference ticket and it will be upgraded to VIP. 
What does a VIP Ticket include? 
The VIP Ticket gives you access to all Talks, Creative Panels, the Networking Session, 1 Portfolio Review, our Creative Market as well as access to the Speaker's Green Room and a private dinner with the Speakers. 
What if I choose the Flight and attend without a Creative Festival Ticket? 
You will have your booth at the Creative Market and will meet 50 international artists exhibiting alongside you. In addition you will be able to enjoy our live music, live art and food trucks. 
If I choose the Flight as my Reward does -ING book it for me? 
If you choose a Flight to and from Dubai as your prize you can let us know the dates by filling out our Travel Form and we will book the flight for you. Please note that we only offer economy flights or flights to a maximum value of $1500USD.
What happens if I miss my flight or the Festival? 
The flight is your responsibility and it will not be -ING's responsibility to book you another Flight or refund you for the Flight or Festival Ticket. 
What if I am a UAE resident? 
If you are a UAE Resident you can still participate and will win the Reward with a VIP Ticket to the festival instead of a Flight. 


Your Submission

Is there a fee to participate?
No, all we ask is you submit your work on the website and share on Instagram or Facebook with #ING17art @ingcreatives
How do I use the templates? 
Use the templates in any way that you're inspired! All that we ask is that you use 1 of the 3 templates in your submission and that you keep the branding information in the corners of the templates. 
Does my submission have to be in a specific Medium? 
The creative call is open to interpretation in any medium. However you have to submit your work digitally. 
Can I submit more than once? 
You can submit up to 5 files. This will not increase your chances but will give the jury more choices when making selections.  
Are there limitations to the files I submit? 
The size limit is 50MB for all 5 submissions together. Please only use MP4, AVI, JPEG, JPG or GIF files. 
What will happen to my Artwork/Submission? 
Your artwork will be used to promote you on our website, your artist page, our Creative Guide Book and on our social media channels (print and online). In addition we may or may not use your work as part of our advertisement for the festival. 
Does -ING protect my work with copyright? 
Generally the artists work is the property of the artist by law. As you have not transferred your works rights to us it is your responsibility to add the copyright in the Metadata of your submission (you can do this using Photoshop or Bridge). 
Do I have to have Instagram and does my profile have to be public? 
In order for us to see your work, your profile has to be public. If you do not use Instagram, you need to share your work on Facebook. For either Instagram or Facebook, tag -ING Creatives and use #ING17art. We cannot consider submissions that are not submitted on our website AND on Instagram or Facebook.