Workshop | Character Magic | SOLD OUT

By Benson Shum | Disney Animator

Place | Alserkal Avenue, Dubai
Dates | 14 April 2017
Duration | 16:00 - 19:00


Level | Welcomes All | Drawing skills help

About | We’ve all grown up with Disney Characters and seen how they virtually come alive on the screen with the help of amazing animation. In this workshop you’ll be taught first hand from a Disney animator how to bring your own ideas to life and achieve a drawing that looks awesome in different angles.

5 Things You’ll Take Home
1. Learn where to get inspiration from your characters
2. Achieve a good standard of illustration
3. Understand how to develop your characters in different angles
4. The use of watercolor and ink to create drawings
5. Your own personal painting created with Disney’s Benson Shum

Workshop Preparations
• Create a simple character
• Environment reference (to find online, magazines or similar)
• Clothing reference (to find online, magazines or similar)
• Color inspirations
• Please bring your laptop to the workshop for additional research


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