Artists | Terms & Conditions

Please read through these T&C's carefully. 

If you are still in doubt please contact | +971 4 513 5698

T&C's Transport and Accomodation

• -ING is not responsible for the artists flight or accommodation in Dubai or any expenses during his/her stay (transport, food, visa entry fees, etc). 
• It is the artists responsibility to book a flight which arrives latest in the morning of 12.04.2017 and departs earliest 15.04.2017 after 10pm. 
• If the artist is unable to come for any reason it is his/her responsibility to inform -ING at least 4 weeks prior to the festival. 
• If the artist misses his/her flight he/she must inform -ING right away and book the next possible flight. 


T&C's Artists Work and Payment

• Please avoid politics or profanity in the work you exhibit at the -ING Creative Festival. 
• If works are lost or stolen, -ING is not responsible for compensation or replacement of any kind.  
• -ING takes a certain % commission for each work sold. The % amount depends on the Exhibitor Package bought by the artist. 
• -ING will not cover the costs for card transaction payments and bank transfer costs. 


T&C's Artists Responsibilities

• The artist is responsible for his/her work at the -ING Creative Festival 2017. -ING is not liable if items are lost or stolen. 
• It is the artists responsibility to be at his/her exhibition booth during exhibition times of the -ING Creative Festival.