Workshop | Storytelling & Animation

by Andrew Gordon | Pixar


Place | Alserkal Avenue, Dubai
Dates | 14 April 2017
Duration | 19:10 - 22:10

Level | All levels and ages welcome.

Description | This workshop explores taking a story through the premise process, coming up with a controlling idea for the story, putting the story through a simple structure and iterating on that structure. The workshop is geared for anyone who has an interest in telling good stories. It has been taught to filmmakers, animators and more recently businesses such as Sales Force. The workshop has been so popular it is currently touring North America in 4 major cities. 

Key Takeaways
• Understand the process of creating stories
• Understand the way in which characters are created
• Dive into the process of creating a good pose with a character
• Understand locomotion/the movement of characters
• Learn about facial designs in animation
• Learn the finishing techniques for an animation


189 USD

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325 USD

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