Ahmad Makary

The Workshop DXB | Co-Founder


Dubai | United Arab Emirates

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About Ahmad Makary | Art director, avid printmaker and cofounder of The Workshop Dxb, is a long term proponent of the DIY and print movement. Originally from Beirut, Ahmad is now based in Dubai and leads live silkscreening activations and experimental workshops across the region.

About The Workshop DXB | When childhood friends Ahmad Makary and Moe Krayem came together more than seven years ago to experiment with a hand built silk screening machine, neither of them expected it to be the start of a long, creative venture. Joined by an urgent curiosity to learn a new craft and a passion for the DIY culture, both Ahmad and Moe quickly found themselves answering to an increasing number of orders for tee shirts and tote bags from friends and family. It was the birth of The Workshop, born in Beirut but now based in Dubai. 

While The Workshop has come a long way from the small streets of Lebanon’s capital, its spirit remains in tact. Across the UAE, The Workshop has long worked to keep the DIY culture alive in the Middle East. Beyond growing a strong network of reputable clients in the region, The Workshop has maintained a public presence by taking silk screening to the streets by hosting live activations at events across the country – from small music festivals to large beach raves.

Almost a decade later, Ahmad and Moe have come to learn a thing or two about silk screening, and have mastered the artform – with The Workshop’s large portfolio ranging from textiles to prints, corporate runs to start-up collaborations. Now experienced printmakers and avid craftsmen, the founders of The Workshop look forward to sharing their craft.


Workshop Talk & Workshop | Screen Printing: The Power of Print

This experimental Screen Printing workshop will take students on a step-by-step process of silkscreening. You will start off with learning about the history, origin and development of silkscreening as an art form and craft. Then you will put theory into practice by silkscreening fabric material and discovering how to use this process, at home or in your studio. At the end of the workshop you will have a collection of customized prints and totes. 

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