Sayed M. Vahid & Perette Michelli Workshops

Kufic Calligraphy | 14.10.2016 | Discover the Qalam (Arabic wooden pen) and let it take you on a journey to learn how to write in Kufic Calligraphy on Manuscripts together with well-established calligrapher Sayed Mohammad Vahid and professor and art and architectural historian Perette Michelli. 

Kufic Logotype | 15.10.2016 | Get to know the basics of Arabic calligraphy with calligraphy master Sayed Mohammad Vahid and his colleague Perette Michelli and learn how to create logotypes and typographic styles using Arabic lettering.

-ING Creative Festival 2017 | 13th - 15th April

Speakers include

Andrew Gordon
Pixar | Directing Animator

Benson Shum
Disney | Animator

Huda AbiFarès
Khatt Foundation | Founder

Najla El Zein
Najla Zein Workspace | Designer

Dan Goods
NASA JPL | Visual Strategist

Emil Mitev
Dreamworks | Animator

Matias Corea
Behance | Co-Founder

Hector Ouilhet
Google | UX Designer


What we do?

We believe your creativity shapes the future! -ING is a creative community based in Dubai, dedicated to unlocking your creative potential through Talks, Workshops, Exhibitions and Portfolio Reviews at creative events throughout the year. 



Renowned international speakers
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Workshops where you can engage with and learn directly from our featured speakers. Take a look at our workshops at -ING Creative Festival 2017.

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Creatives sharpen their skills through one-on-one feedback from seniors of top agencies such as JWT, Leo Burnett, Google and many more.


Live Artist Events

-ING in collaboration with Ruben Sanchez put together the largest permanent mural in Dubai. The creation is celebrated yearly, stay tuned to find out more. 


Past Workshops

Branding for Startups
Mark Brooks | Behance

SharpieArtround - Copy.jpg

Sharpie Art
Timothy Goodman | Illustrator


Jiani Lu | Designer


Arabic Logotype Design
Wissam Shawkat | Calligrapher

Character Animation
Emanuele Colombo | Animator

Navigation Design
Studio Safar | Founders


Design at Scale
Hal Wuertz | Design Facilitator

Posters to Alien Worlds
David Delgado | NASA